Coffee: Why it can be used as a natural fat burner

Coffee: Why it can be used as a natural fat burner

Coffee is a popular drink that is consumed by millions of people everyday, usually in the morning. The main reason people drink coffee in the morning is to wake up and give themselves a boost of energy before they head out to work. However, coffee can be used in many instances. One such example is drinking coffee as a pre-workout before heading to the gym.

It is widely understood that caffeine in coffee should give you a boost and help relieve fatigue, but there are many benefits when it comes to consuming coffee. One of significance is coffee’s fat burning qualities. Yes, coffee can be used as a great natural fat burner. Whenever you look at the nutritional facts of a fat burner, you will see that caffeine is usually a primary ingredient.


Caffeine is actually one of the most popular substances being used to help mobilize fats from the fat tissues, and it can also be used to increase your metabolism. Caffeine isn’t the only reason why it can stimulate burning fat, there are also several other substances which can be found in coffee: chlorogenic acid, theobromine, and theophylline.

Chlorogenic acid, theobromine and theophylline

Chlorogenic acid is one of the biologically active compounds in coffee. According to one research study, chlorogenic acid may help slow down the absorption of carbs, while theobromine and theophylline are substances that can have the same fat burning effect like caffeine.

Burning fat with coffee

The fat burning qualities in coffee are due to its chemical composition and the effects of each substance. One of the effects is an increase in metabolism, which can help in losing weight faster. One study in particular, which has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that caffeine can boost your metabolism by 3-11%.


It is definitely safe to say that coffee is a great natural fat burner. It can help you lose weight and burn fat faster than your body would naturally, but be aware that you won’t lose weight by simply drinking coffee; you will only see results when you include coffee with a proper diet and workout plan.