3 Odd Uses For Coconut Oil You Likely Never Heard Of

3 Odd Uses For Coconut Oil You Likely Never Heard Of

Coconut oil has many uses, from cooking to shining silverware, you could even say there are a plethora of uses. Wanting to know more about some of the weird and odd uses of coconut oil, I found three helpful uses that could be of great benefit to you!


Whitening teeth


Coconut oil has recently seen a trend with “oil pulling,” a process similar to using mouthwash, but instead, you use a coconut oil mixture. Unlike mouthwash, you don’t gargle the coconut oil but instead, swish it around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes daily.  The term oil pulling refers to extracting streptococcus mutants bacteria, which are a significant contributor to tooth decay, and removing them from our teeth and gums.


Weight Loss


Coconut oil affects our body completely differently than any other oil. The fat in coconut oil is used to produce energy instead of storing fat in our body. The structure of the fat is a medium chain fatty acid compared to other oils which are long chain fatty acids. Our bodies digest these medium chain fatty acids in a different way than long chain fatty acids, in a way that can aid our bodies in burning the extra fat cells instead of storing them.


Acne Control

Coconut oil’s molecular structure can also help your acne problem. It has powerful enzymes that help fight inflammation of the skin where acne can form. This results in clearer and softer skin. You can try applying extra virgin coconut oil on acne and gently massage it onto the skin in a circular motion, then have it sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Continue this regularly for at least two weeks for maximum results.