3 Reasons To Consume More Honey

3 Reasons To Consume More Honey

Honey’s popularity has boomed in the food industry over the past 10 years. Before now, consumers were unsure of how or why honey was healthy and what exactly its benefits were. After doing some research of my own, I’ve come across several reasons as to why you should be incorporating more honey into your diet!


Honey is Healthy


Honey bees are humankind’s little miracle workers! The amount of benefits that honey provides are seemingly endless, but here are some of the main ones. To start off, the enzymes found in honey help our bodies better digest food; which has a snowball effect towards improving our immune systems and keeping them functioning properly. The natural sugars in honey also give us an extra energy boost due to the high glucose content it provides.


Honey is Life Sustaining

Honey is the only food source that contains every needed ingredient to serve every bodily function. From antioxidants to the various amounts of vitamins and minerals, honey is one of the most useful, yet greatly underused, nutrient-rich additions to your everyday life!


Honey is Soothing


The well known little drop of golden energy can also relax and calm you down!  A main ingredient that helps this process is tryptophan; an amino acid found in honey. Tryptophan which causes sedative and relaxing effects can even induce sleep. Obviously, these two factors are contradicting, but honey, like most things in life, affects everyone a little bit differently. Your intended use of honey should be based on how it affects you. It’s funny how a quick boost of energy for some could also relax and calm down someone else, but you just have to find how it works best for you!