3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Sweet Potatoes

3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato recipes have been in my family for generations, and they usually make their way to many of our family gatherings. After the family got together this past Easter, I wondered, “Why do we always eat sweet potatoes?” Now that I have done my research, I’m thankful that my ancestors have pushed this beloved veggie on me and my family for so many years!


Fiber Content 


The fiber in sweet potatoes is greater than many other fiber-rich veggies. Sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber as other potatoes. This high fiber factor causes our bodies to slowly burn the starches, meaning our bodies are using the energy supplied from the potato better than most other high carb sources.


Good for Diabetics

Sweet potatoes contain a major ingredient that helps stabilize blood sugar levels. The sugars contained in sweet potatoes slowly release into the blood system, causing a slower increase to adiponectin, an important factor of insulin metabolism.




There is one antioxidant in sweet potatoes that reigns supreme to almost all others; Vitamin A supplied antioxidants. These are the deep colored carotene antioxidants, which prevent rapid aging, boost our immune system, and help maintain good eyesight. On top of that, there have been numerous studies at Harvard University having patients consume a variety of high carotenoid foods as part of their regular diet, and the results showed a major decrease in the chance of lung cancer.