3 Ways To Make Your Low-Fat Yoghurt Taste Better

3 Ways To Make Your Low-Fat Yoghurt Taste Better

Let’s be honest… Most of us hate the taste of low-fat yoghurt, but include it in our diet. I eat it on a daily basis as I’m cutting. Why I eat low-fat yoghurt? The name says it already: it’s really low in fat, calories and unbelievably high in protein. I would recommend everyone to use this who is trying to build mass. Over time I’ve experienced with low-fat yoghurt by adding stuff, because I simply hate the taste of it. In this article I will outlay 3 things on how to make your low-fat yoghurt taste better.

1. Add fruit

A real simple one and the image above already shows it: add fruit. This was the first thing I tried with my low-fat yoghurt. It tastes a lot better then without anything added. My personal favoriets are a mix of berries, strawberries and pieces of mango.

2. Add a scoop of your favorite protein whey!

This is a great idea my friend gave me: just add a scoop of whey. I like to combine this with number one. I first add half a scoop of whey and after that I add the fruits. Adding half a scoop of whey will completely remove the taste and it’ll just taste exactly like your whey. My personal favorite is adding a scoop of strawberry or vanilla whey protein.

3. Add some honey

The last tip I have is to add a scoop of fresh honey. A lot of my friends eat their low-fat yoghurt with honey. Just add a scoop, and it’s gonna taste really sweet. I personally don’t use this method, but I have tried it and it tastes a lot better. However, I prefer adding some fresh fruit and a scoop of whey.